Centre of Excellence

MUMBAI: A centre of excellence for hockey and boxing will be set up at the Aurangabad centre of the Sports Authority of India to sharpen the talent of players, a SAI official confirmed to PTI on Sunday.

Hockey and boxing players currently playing in junior groups will be groomed for 2024 and 2028 Olympics, deputy director of SAI Aurangabad, Virendra Bhandarkar, told the daily. The centre is well-equipped with boxing rings and synthetic hockey turf, he said.

Oct 29, 2018 13:10
CHENNAI: In a what is a big milestone for Indian football, opening up opportunities for research in the game, injury prevention and the lifting of standards, Sri Ramachandra’s Centre for Sports Science (CSS) here has been chosen as a Centre of Excellence by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). CSS is the first facility in the country and the sub-continent to receive the AFC honour, The Hindu reports.