Audiovisual Rights

MADRID: LaLiga has launched an invitation to tender (ITT) for the audiovisual rights to the competition within the Indian Subcontinent, offering a range of packages to help the competition build on its growing presence in the region.

Bidders have been invited to submit offers for the 2021/22 season onwards, covering a minimum of three and a maximum of five seasons. 

While issuing its ITT, LaLiga declared it was "very satisfied" with incumbent rights holder Facebook, which "has provided data to demonstrate consistent growth in the Indian Subcontinent".  

Feb 24, 2018 18:02
SINGAPORE: Effective August 1, Peter Leible will take over the role of head of Global Audiovisual Rights at Bundesliga International in Frankfurt. Leible has currently been managing the DFL subsidiary’s office in Singapore for six years. His successor is Kevin Sim, who on April 15 will take over from Leible as head of Asia Pacific.