MUMBAI: It really appears that the men who matter at East Bengal are getting increasingly desperate and pulling at ever stranger straws in the wind. 

The latest embarrassment (which SportzPower is convinced had the blessings of the club's "brains trust") is a letter addressed to All India Football Federation (AIFF) general secretary Kushal Das, which is also marked to Hero Indian Super League organisers Football Sports Development Ltd (FSDL), by the general manager of the Football Players Association of India, Cyrus Confectioner.

Apr 27, 2020 18:04
NEW DELHI: The Football Players Association of India (FPAI) on Monday said activating a ‘Force Majeure’ and at the same time signing players for next season cannot go hand-in-hand after East Bengal FC prematurely served contract termination notices to its players with effect from April 30.