IPL 13 1st 25 games: Top 10 categories had 61% share of ad volumes

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MUMBAI: TAM Sports has released its Series 1 IPL 13 Advertising Report, covering the first 25 matches of the ongoing Indian Premier League being held in the UAE.

The report covers below points:
·         Overview of IPL 13
·         Toppers – Categories, Advertisers and Brand
·         New Advertisers and Brands in IPL 13 vs. IPL 12.
·         Advertising Trend in Channel Genres

1. 8% growth registered in Avg. Ad Volumes* during 13th season of IPL compared to IPL 12

2. 5 of the Top 10 categories were from 'E-commerce’ with 35% share of IPL 13 Advertising
The Top 10 categories added 61% share of Ad Volumes in IPL 13 and 59% share in IPL 12.
5 out of Top 10 categories were common between IPL 12 and 13.

3. Oppo India made it to the top position during IPL 13 compared to 2nd place in IPL 12
Top 10 Advertisers contributed more than 35% share of Ad Volumes during 25 matches of IPL
13 and 40% share in IPL 12.
Oppo India made it to the top during IPL 13 compared to 2nd place in IPL 12.
4 out of Top 10 advertisers were common between IPL 12 and IPL 13 viz. Oppo India, Sporta Technologies, FX Mart and Coca Cola.

4. 30+ new categories and 150+ new brands advertised during IPL 13 compared to IPL 12
During 25 matches of IPL 13, “Wafer/Chips" was the top new category followed by “Ecom-Pharma/Healthcare“ compared to IPL 12.

5. During 22 Days of IPL 13, Ad Volumes in Sports genre spiked by nearly 3 Times compared to 28th Aug–18th Sep, 2020 (22 Days prior to IPL 13)
Ad Volumes in News and GEC Genres rose by 3% and 9% respectively during 22 Days of IPL 13 compared to same
period prior to IPL 13.

Points to Note
Analysis of Commercial advertising is based on Ad Volumes.
 Ad Volumes are for advertising across 21 and 24 Star Network channels for IPL 13 and IPL 12
 The study is on 25 Live matches during IPL Season 13 and 12 only i.e. excluding PRE-MID-POST
 The analysis is based on Pure Advertising [i.e. Excluding Franchisees, Promos, Filler, Film Trailer &
Official Broadcaster (Star Network)]