Punjab Kings joins Covid fight, to donate O2 concentrators

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CHANDIGARH: Indian Premier League franchise Punjab Kings have joined forces with private entity Round Table India (RTI) and crowd funding platform ketto.org to help provide oxygen concentrators to COVID-19-affected patients.

Punjab Kings will fund the procurement of oxygen concentrators, which will then be provided to patients for their use, a release from the IPL franchise said.

"RTI will verify the need upon which an oxygen concentrator will be given for use at the patient's house or via a charitable medical institution. Post its return, the concentrator will be sanitised and disinfected and provided to the next person in need," it said.

"These machines are portable and can be shifted to meet areas of maximum need. The machines also reduce the need for oxygen cylinders and hospital beds for mild to moderate cases.

"Post the crisis the machines will be donated to hospitals where they are needed to treat patients with asthma and other breathing difficulties."

Punjab Kings co-owner Ness Wadia said: "There is much to be done to save the lives and livelihoods of millions of people who have endured this tragic suffering. Punjab Kings joining forces with Round Table India is yet another small step towards battling this unprecedented crisis."