FC Goa has 33m fans across country: YouGov Sport study

FC Goa logo

MUMBAI: A study conducted by market research firm YouGov for Hero Indian Super league franchise FC Goa indicate that the football club has 33 million fans across the country. 

The omnibus YouGov survey covered 14 cities, which includes 4 major cities, 6 tier 2 cities (including places in Goa) and 4 tier 3 cities.

As per an official release, the study indicates that the average age of the club's fans was 26.3 years - which is 10% younger than that of the average football fan in the country. The club's fanbase have a 33% higher household income when compared to the average football fans in the country, going by said study.

The study further brought to light that FC Goa fans are 230.8% more likely to have a bad mood when their team loses when compared to the average football fans in the country.

Speaking on the study, FC Goa president Akshay Tandon said: “According to the study, there are 160 million Indian football fans in the country and 33 million of them identify as FC Goa fans.

“This shows us that there is a huge market for Indian football and provides us with an opportunity to engage with all of our fans and to ensure that we continue to find new and different ways to generate revenue and drive value for the club and our fans.”

Joseph Eapen, YouGov Sport’s senior vice president, added: “This initiative, I believe has helped them get a real insight into their fan demographic. The study was crucial in being able to understand that FC Goa fans are not only restricted to the boundaries of the state and are indeed a national phenomenon. 

“The study shows that FC Goa fans could be thought of as the apex segment in terms of football fans.”