IPL in UAE will make 'monitoring' easier: ACU chief

MUMBAI: Taking the IPL to the UAE will make monitoring the event "slightly easier" as it would be restricted to just three venues, BCCI's Anti-Corruption Unit head Ajit Singh believes.

IPL 2020 is set to start in the UAE on September 19 and the final will be held on November 8 or November 10, with three venues - Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi hosting the 60 games over 51 days.

"In the UAE, it will be slightly easier doing [monitoring ACU activity] as there are only three grounds compared to eight venues in India," Singh told PTI."That's not an issue at all. Once the schedule comes, we will decide the workforce."

Singh said currently there are "eight ACU officers who are on BCCI payrolls".

So, will that be enough for managing the work through 60 matches as well as keeping a tab on hotels? "It's too early to comment on measures as we need to first check what kind of bio-security measures will be created," Singh told the newswire. "We first need to see how things are taking shape there and we will deploy our men accordingly. In case, we need men, we will hire them."

With the ICC headquartered in Dubai, the BCCI, if need be, can take help of the global body, which has a huge team of ACU officials, according to a senior BCCI official.

Matches held in the UAE have previously been vulnerable to the impact of bookies and fixers, but the ACU head is quite confident that they can prevent wrongdoing.

"Whoever is involved (bookies/fixers) they are all inter-connected," he said. "If we have our sources here, they also know how these bookies operate. If they get an information of this place, they will get an information of that place also. It's not so much of an issue."