Fast&Up promises to never put an end to celebrating pride

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MUMBAI: Leading Indian active nutrition brand Fast&Up believes that inclusion is the path to empowerment.

When there is equal representation of people - regardless of their gender identity, body types, special abilities, etc. When there is more conversation, we normalize it for tomorrow. Pride month or no pride month, we are a proud ally - today, tomorrow and everyday.

At Fast&Up, we believe in inclusivity across diversity. Our Nutrition is for everyone. We are also inviting people to get in touch with us and we will be happy to feature them in our shoots. We have associated ourselves with two organizations to spread awareness and talk openly about the queer community.

One of them being Yaall, a Manipur-based organisation that works with the queer community to make sports more inclusive, to de-stigmatize them, to give them a safe space to come together as one, provide equal opportunities, prevent separatism and help them excel in football. They are India's first all-transgender football team to play from the north-east. The other one being Nazariya, a queer feminist resource group that works to make LGBTQI lives visible to the public eye. The idea here is to make the queer community a part of our society by normalizing talking about them.

Fast&Up believes that inclusion is central to someone's well-being and growth. Assurance and support from peers and like-minded people not only helps build communities at large but also promotes a sense of value and worth for a person, propagating a healthy outlook and encouragement for all. Striving for an inclusive community improves the quality of individual performance and provides more opportunities for people to participate and contribute.

After building an established presence in India and Italy (2018), Fast&Up is now expanding its reach to tap other European countries and the American market.