adidas India launches mobile app; global membership program

adidas India Mobile App

NEW DELHI: Sportswear major adidas India has launched its mobile shopping app to offer personalised shopping experience to its customers. 

This app offers customers instant access to adidas’ latest sport offerings, sneaker collection, seasonal apparel releases and sportsgear as per the users’ requirements. 

The app is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology and it also understands user preferences with improved wish list. Besides this, the app has options like live chat and AR try-ons, as per adidas’ press release.

The brand will celebrate the launch of the adidas app with a discount of 20% for all shoppers. The app also provides the users with simple and secure checkout for consumers with special access to special offers, rewards, gifts and exclusive events.

This app will also house its global membership program – Creators Club.  This program enables members to shop, review, participate, run and train to earn points and unlock rewards. These rewards comprise exclusives that are member-only product launches, Member Extras in the form of vouchers, discounts and priority, Hype Access to limited shoes and apparel among others.

Users will also get instant notifications about the latest performance stories and sneaker collections. Besides this, Creators Club also connects users across stores, Adidas website and all Adidas apps to give consumers access to exclusive products and points for all their runs, workouts and purchases.

“With the launch of adidas app and the Creators Club membership program, we are bringing a personalised, secure and smooth digital shopping experience to our consumers. Creators Club is an exclusive connection to the best of sport and style and with it we are offering our consumers a chance to experience the best products, experiences and services from Adidas,” Brand adidas India senior director Sunil Gupta said.