PVL season 2 auctions: 8 franchises buy 75 players

Prime Volleyball League logo

KOLKATA: A total of 75 players were sold among eight franchises after the bidding ended at the second edition of Prime Volleyball League (rechristened version of Pro Volleyball League) auctions here Thursday. 

At the auctions, the teams acquired international players through the PVL International Player Draft, which had a pool of 16 players. The Indian players picked through the player auctions, were divided into four categories according to their base price - Platinum (Base price: Rs 8 lakh), Gold (Base price: Rs 5 lakh), Silver (Base price: Rs 3 lakh), and Bronze (Base price: Rs 2 lakh).

Attacker Rohit Kumar was acquired for the highest bid of Rs 17.5 lakhs by Kochi Blue Spikers, while the 34-year-old setter Ranjit Singh and young attacker Chirag Yadav were bought at Rs 12.25 lakhs by Hyderabad Black Hawks and Calicut Heroes, respectively.

PVL CEO Joy Bhattacharya noted, “We expected a thunderous response at the auctions after the success of our first edition, and yet it has been absolutely fantastic to see that they have still managed to exceed all our expectations this year. All the franchises came prepared with clear strategies in mind on which players they want to include in their team set-up. It is always exciting to see fresh squads being formed and I am confident the upcoming season will be an action-packed one."