Sony Pictures Networks CEO NP Singh announces departure


NP Singh, the longest serving chief executive in the Indian media and entertainment arena, announced Friday that he would be stepping down from the position of managing director and CEO of Sony Pictures Networks India (the consumer-facing identity of Culver Max Entertainment), after 25 years with the company. 

Singh, who has been at Sony since 1999, and was promoted to MD and CEO in 2014, stated he would continue at the helm of affairs while a search for his successor is on. Once the company designates a successor, Singh will transition into an advisory role. 

In a statement, Singh said, “Today, I have a significant update to share. After nearly 44 years in my career, including a rewarding 25-year tenure at SPNI, I have decided to move on from my role as MD and CEO.”

He added, "I will continue to lead SPNI until we find the right person to take over. We have begun a structured succession planning process for my successor and hope to have exciting news to share in the near future. Finding the right fit is our top priority."

Singh further said that he will now focus on social change and shift from operational roles to advisory ones, adding, “However, my commitment to SPNI and its success remains strong. During my time here, we have established industry benchmarks, expanded our reach, and achieved many noteworthy accomplishments.” 

He continued, "I am dedicated to ensuring our legacy of success continues and grows under the new leadership.”

It needs noting that it was during his regime that the much-hyped and eventually doomed $10-billion merger agreement with rival Zee Entertainment Enterprises collapsed. The deal had been in the works for more than two years and received necessary regulatory approvals too before ending in a bitter fallout in January when Sony decided to walk away. 

In the lead-up to the parting of ways, Sony had positioned Singh as CEO of the combined entity as an alternative to ZEE’s Punit Goenka.