SPORTELAsia confirms China football focused panel discussion

MONACO: SPORTELAsia has confirmed the last panel at this year's market in collaboration with Ocean Sports, the focus being international football in China. 

This panel will welcome different professionals working in both international and Chinese football industries discussing how to engage with the “glocal” football business scenarios: to implement international professional football standards into current and potential China football environment. 

Moderated by Shoto Zhu, who was in charge of FIFA China Office during the whole preparation and operation process of 2007 FIFA Women World Cup in China and also the founder & CEO of Oceans Sports & Entertainment Inc; this panel will also see Benjamin Wahl, head of China Borussia Dortmund, Robbie Yang, marketing director of AC Milan China and David Belenguer, CEO of Hope Football Group.

The panel will the following points of discussion up for debate:

What is the European club and/or international Chinese ownership of clubs’ strategy in the Chinese market? Do we have any experiences to be shared? 

What are the main challenges of the European club and/or Chinese ownership club in the Chinese market?

Sponsorship sales, public relationship, fan engagement, or players' development, for the coming yearswhat is the most important focus of a club in China? How to deal with interactive relationship among different aims?

How to deliver club values? What international fans valued much to themselves and how to benefit from the support and likeness of international fans?