OGQ will stay the course despite funds crunch: Rasquinha

Viren Rasquinha OGQ

MUMBAI: For non-profit organisation like Olympic Gold Quest, a post COVID-19 world is one that will be stressed for funds to manage their athletes training programmes, but OGQ is "ready to battle it out", CEO Viren Rasquinha asserts. 

“As far as funding is concerned, we raise our resources only from donations. These donations come from corporate CSR, family foundations and individual donors,” Rasquinha told Times of India

“… the road ahead this year will be difficult. We all know that. Companies making less profit will make less CSR contributions. Quite expectedly, donations will be directed towards health care and feeding the hungry, and that’s how it should be. But I would like to repeat, we raise donations for the long term, so we are ready to battle it out,” he added.

Several athletes and para-athletes supported by OGQ had qualified for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Rasquinha thinks that a year’s delay means the preparations will have to start from scratch now.

“In terms of preparedness, it’s the same for athletes from all over the world,” the former India hockey captain told the daily. “Most of our athletes were in very good shape physically and mentally before the lockdown. But now we are very, very disappointed because all form, confidence, momentum, everything goes to zero.”