Borussia Dortmund plans 'virtual tour' to Asia

SINGAPORE: The COVID-19 pandemic may have forced Borussia Dortmund to cancel its tour to Asia, but the Bundesliga club's marketing director Carsten Cramer has confirmed a "virtual tour" for 30 fan clubs around the world. 

The supporters of the club will be able to meet the players virtually, and will also be able to follow some of the training sessions live. A way to allow the fans to stay close to the team even while they are training in Germany. 

Organised from club offices in Shanghai and Singapore, Dortmund aims to offer its Asian fans the chance to attend events at venues across Asia, provided local restrictions due to Covid-19 are adhered too. These could include on-site activities with BVB legends, mascots and the BVB Evonik football academy.

Commenting on the virtual tour, Dortmund’s managing director Carsten Cramer said: "Many fans and partners in Asia had approached them about an alternative. This gave rise to the idea of Dortmund, in close cooperation with our offices in Singapore and Shanghai, being sent digitally to Asia.”