THE 'CRICKET LOVING' TALIBAN announced Monday that radio and television channels in Afghanistan will NOT broadcast the ongoing Vivo Indian Premier League. Reason: Due to "possible anti-islam content".

And what does said anti-Islam content constitute? Apparently, the possibility of dancing girls and women with uncovered hair in attendance at IPL games.   

Sep 09, 2021 20:09
MELBOURNE: The planned historic maiden men's Test between Australia and Afghanistan stands cancelled with only an official confirmation remaining after the newly installed Taliban government announced its opposition to women playing cricket in the Islamic nation.
Sep 08, 2021 18:09
MUMBAI: And here we were thinking that the the hardline extremist Taliban, which has taken over Afghanistan, would "zip their collective lips" on the status of women in sport. At least until next month's ICC T20 World Cup kicked off.  That is not to be though and the International Cricket Council clearly has a problem on its hands. 
Aug 23, 2021 13:08
MUMBAI: Taliban leader Anas Haqqani met Afghanistan national cricket team captain Hashmatullah Shahidi on Saturday where he affirmed that the new fundamentalist regime  that is now running the strife-torn country would continue to support the game.