'After 31 IPL games, categories, advertisers count up 59%, 38%'

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MUMBAI: TAM Sports has released the TAM Sports - IPL 17 Advertising Update 4, which has analysed data from the first 31 games of this year's 17th edition of the Tata Indian Premier League, and for all the channels on which matches were telecast, and how it compares with IPL 16.

The points (for 31 Matches) that are covered in this report include:
·       Indexed growth of IPL 17 over IPL 16
·       Count of Categories, Advertisers and Brands  IPL 17
·       Top Categories and Advertisers of IPL 17
·       New Categories and Brands in IPL 17 compared to IPL 16

Count of channels during IPL 17 are 24 and during IPL 16 it was 25.

Advertising Type: Commercial Advertising on Television || Only Live Matches; Excluding Pre-Mid-Post Programs         
Excludes Promos, Fillers, Short Programs || % share based on Ad Volumes        

>IPL 2023: 31st Mar'23 to 4th Apr'23        
>IPL 2024: 22nd Mar'24 to 26th Mar'24 

Indexed Ad Volume Growth/Per Channel on Television for IPL 17 Vs IPL 16 (31 Matches)
>> Advertising on Television for IPL 17 observed growth in ad volumes/per channel by 9% compared to IPL 16.

Count of Categories & Advertisers in IPL 17 and IPL 16 (31 Matches)
> The count of categories and advertisers during IPL 17 increased by 59% and 38% compared to IPL 16.

Top Categories and Advertisers of IPL 17 and IPL 16 (31 Matches)
> The top 5 categories present in IPL 17 contributed 48% share of ad volumes. Also, Ecom-Gaming was the leading category in IPL 17 with 18% share.
> Ecom-Gaming and Pan Masala were the common categories present between IPL 17 and IPL 16.
> Two of the top five categories in IPL 17 belonged to the F&B Sector.
> Among the top 5 advertisers in IPL 17, Sporta Technologies maintained the top position during 16 matches and Parle Products dominated the top position during 15 matches.
> Top 5 advertisers in IPL 17 together covered 37% share of ad volumes.
> Sporta Technologies, Vishnu Packaging and K P Pan Foods were the common advertisers present among top 5 of  IPL 17 & IPL 16.

New Categories and Brands in IPL 17 compared to IPL 16 and Categories not in IPL 17 compared to IPL 16 (31 Matches)
> There were 37 new categories and 94 new brands present in 31 matches of IPL 17 compared to the same number of matches in IPL 16.
> Among the top 5 New Categories in IPL 17, 2 of them were from E-Commerce Sector.
> Parle Food Products and Groww obtained 1st and 2nd positions respectively among the top 5 New Brands in IPL 17.