Paris 2024 commits to a climate positive Olympic Games

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PARIS: The Paris 2024 Olympic Games board of directors has approved a climate strategy which commits Paris 2024 to organising the world’s first Olympic and Paralympic Games with a positive contribution to the climate. 

The strategy is based on three pillars: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, support for projects with a positive contribution to climate and mobilisation of stakeholders to maximise long-term positive impact. 

Prevent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Paris 2024’s primary objective will be achieved through:
Cost-effective and compact venue concept (95% of venues are existing or temporary)
Inclusion of low-carbon solutions for all activities within the venues
Use of renewable energy for all venues which will all be accessible by public transport
Sustainable catering plan
Responsible digital plan
Use of low-carbon temporary equipment
Reliance on principles of the circular economy.
In total, Paris 2024 will reduce emissions by 50 per cent compared to previous editions of the Games. 

Support for climate positive projects
Paris 2024 is committed to offsetting all emissions that cannot be prevented by supporting CO2 avoidance and capture projects. 

These projects, located on all five continents, include projects to conserve and restore forests and oceans, and projects that avoid negative climate impacts.
It will also contribute to the development of local projects that are essential in the fight against climate change, and which provide other benefits such as protecting biodiversity or improving citizens’ quality of life.

Paris 2024 is committed to ensuring the Games serves as a platform to accelerate climate action on a local level and will share tools and methodologies to change habits and guide all stakeholders in reducing their own CO2 emissions.
Niclas Svenningsen, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) manager for Global Climate Action, said: “Through their new climate action strategy, Paris 2024 is sending a strong signal to the world about the importance of ambitious and inclusive climate action.” 

Games that are inclusive and accessible to all 
As a result of hosting the first Summer Paralympic Games in France, Paris 2024 has a unique opportunity to improve the universal accessibility of host territories in France, and to generate an “accessibility” standard for the organisation of future events. 

This is the objective of Paris 2024’s Universal Accessibility strategy. The strategy is the result of a process of collaboration with stakeholders and associations, and aims to organise exemplary Olympic and Paralympic Games with regards to universal accessibility, well beyond the regulatory standards. 

The Paris 2024 Games will therefore offer an equitable experience to all participants (Para athletes, spectators, volunteers, journalists, etc.), whether or not they have specific needs. 

From access to online information, to the competition and celebration venues, Paris 2024 will work closely with its delivery partners to guarantee a complete and comfortable experience for all. 

Paris 2024 is also engaging all of its stakeholders to ensure that the Games leave a legacy of accessibility through the improvement or creation of new facilities and services accessible to all, as well as through a comprehensive training program to ensure high-quality hosting for people of all abilities.