'Sunfeast India Move As One'

MUMBAI: Sunfeast India Move As One, India’s largest citizen-led virtual movement anchored on Social Impact, Wellness, and Community; united the nation in support of the millions of children who are affected by the pandemic. The movement inspired Indians and Indophiles to create a positive social impact for the cause of children while adopting an active lifestyle.

Sep 06, 2021 15:09
NEW DELHI: The Sunfeast India Move As One - India’s largest citizen-led movement showcasing the power of the collective, effectuated an inspiring initiative on International Day of Charity on Sunday, 5 Septembe. 
Aug 16, 2021 17:08
NEW DELHI: The Sunfeast India Move As One (erstwhile Sunfeast India Run as One) kicked off Sunday on India's 75th Independence Day with support from a host of influential personalities, including but notwithstanding, sporting icon Haile Gebrselassie. 
Jul 30, 2021 13:07
MUMBAI: 'Sunfeast India Move As One' (erstwhile Sunfeast India Run as One) was launched in 2020 as a first-of-its-kind citizen-led digital participatory movement in support of a cause; the first edition was dedicated to support the vulnerable sections of society, who had lost their livelihoods due to the COVID -19 pandemic.